Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Thank You Cards

The preparation for my daughter’s first birthday was a nightmare. I had so many things to do and so many choices to make. I had to decide where the party was going to be at, guest list, prepare invitations, decide foods, decorations, outfit, shoes…. It took months to put it all together. It was even more work at the party, trying to keep all the kids contained and all the adults happy. Now, I understand why there are companies that do this!

Life as a mom can be hectic already, but then we have to add all the “extras” like parties and holidays and it gets worse. In all, I was glad the party was a success and I was exhausted, but, there were two things I was not counting on: The overload of toys that suddenly took over my house AND the weeks to come filling out and sending Thank You cards.

I cannot stress how much work it was to manually compile a list of all gifts, pick out a standard thank you card that went with the theme of the party and fill out all of them manually, after my daughter went to bed. I almost felt like doing the “after party” work took just as much of my time as did organizing the party.

For all you moms out there: BEWARE! There is after party work that you will not be motivated to do because the party is over and you just don’t want to.

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to. You have already compiled a list of guests to send out the invitations, you can use the same labels to send out the Thank You Cards. Here’s the good news, Lil Sweet Prince offers, not only Photo Birthday Invitations, but also Thank You Cards!

With that in mind, now think of all the nights I could have spared, and watched T.V. or a chick flick instead of filling out Thank You Cards. They have so many to choose from and the designs are modern and fun, it’s my fabulous find of the year! I love to just look at all the options and all the designs. There is one that is bound to fit your needs and save you a lot of time.

Lil Sweet Prince’s Photo Thank You Cards are also personal. Can’t get better than that! If you feel like maybe sending out a Thank You Card that was not signed by you, think twice. You will be sending the cutest Thank You Cards personalized with you child’s picture and that will have an impact greater than your signature on a Thank You Card.

Lil Sweet Prince has come out to help us moms, and to give us what we need for all occasions. They not only offer the greatest products, to me they offer a peace of mind; that is the greatest of all.

Visit Lil Sweet Prince today for all of your photo thank you card needs :


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