Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Pettiskirts For Babies , Toddlers and Girls

Family. The word that comes to mind this time of the year. I’m suddenly thinking about all those that I haven’t seen in such a long time. I start going back to the fun childhood times and all those that are a part of it.

Charity. That’s another word that comes to mind as we think of all those that are in need and don’t have family or friends to lend a helping shoulder.

Unity. Word that describes the feeling in the air. The scents that are so unique to this time of the year inspires unity and comfort. Those long lost relationships come to live as you try to reunite with as many people possible as your become contaminated with the unity that just flows in the air.

And… last but not least, parties! Oh, all those joyous parties that I’m invited to attend. Family parties, work parties, neighborhood parties! Well, to be honest, the parties started around Halloween time. It was crazy trying to reconcile work, with the kids schedule and all the parties that were going on. There are so many this time of the year and there is so much fun going on that sometimes, I even forget all those arrangements that I need to get done.

As a mother of girls, I realized that parties become more and more difficult to plan for. The main reason is, girls need to look like girls! Yes, the hair, shoes and outfit all need to look impeccable. There are just so many details that go into a girl’s outfit it’s not even a joke. Until this day, my husband still does not understand why I absolutely have to do their hair and their outfit has to be perfect. Well, these are my girls we are talking about and of course I want them to look as nice as possible before they go running around and ruining hours of preparation.

We all know there is always a comeback in the fashion world. We seem to rotate between 60’s, 70’s and 80’s quite often. Not only does this happen in my world, it also happens in my daughter’s world as well. Fashion and it’s influence is all over my daughter’s closet! And to not follow the trend is a shame, after all, how many years does my daughter get to wear a size 2T? It only happens once so, I try to make the best out of it.

That’s why this year I’m appealing to the vintage comeback of pettiskirts for my daughter’s Christmas outfit. With all the parties and events going on, I want her to shine in what is right now, pettiskirts is at the top in the girl’s fashion world.

I’m glad found Bunny Prints. They have the cutest Christmas Pettiskirts and personalized sets that are exactly what I was looking for. Why? Because not only will I have the Christmas pettiskirt I want, I get to personalize it with my daughter’s name or initial, ensuring my daughter will be the only one to have that outfit plus, at very affordable prices!

Give your daughter the outfit she deserves this Christmas. Go to Bunny Prints and purchase your Christmas Pettiskirts today. In the end when you see all those cute pictures, you will be glad you did it.

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