Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1st Birthday Invitations

Culture. What an interesting thing . Wikipedia defines culture as: “an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning”.

In my mind, culture is an accepted behavior within a certain group. There’s Latin culture, there’s American culture, there’s Geek culture, (and yes, I meant to say geek not Greek) and then there’s MOM culture. Yeah, us moms have our own culture, what’s acceptable and what’s not. We have our own jargon, dictionary, knowledge. We have our own groups: play groups, Mommy and Me group, school friends group, music class group, dance group. Most of us feel like there is an inner strength pushing us along as we try to juggle all these different activities and kids and somehow make this all work.

On top of all these things, there are the special occasions. There’s Thanksgiving, Christmas and the most important of all, there are Birthdays! Yeah…. The only one your child will probably enjoy with all their friends and family. Your first baby Birthday party carries a huge responsibility on us poor moms. We need to have everything work perfectly: the perfect craft, cake and outfit. Everything is picked our just as carefully as it was on your wedding day. This is picture you will never forget, your child, in his/her perfect outfit going at that cake that you picked just for them. (and mind you the sugar rush that follows!)

At first, because you are a super mom, you think you can do this all by yourself. Well, think about it: You read, play and do a lot craft activities with your baby, you are way prepared for this. You sit on the computer to make the birthday invitation, obviously this is the first time you are doing this, it’s your baby’s first birthday and you have the picture that you want on the invitation all ready to go, only to find out that you cannot find the right colors or template. Frustration swells up as you try to find what you want and need only to realize a few hours later, that: You cannot do everything by yourself and you do need a little help on this one.

That’s ok.. you are a mom, you will soon learn how to delegate! It’s because we understand how very busy you are, is why we have prepared and made the perfect 1st birthday invitations for you. Yes we have, thought of every theme, style, colors and more. From sassy to girly, from classy to farm fun, you will find the perfect 1st birthday invitation at Bunny Prints.com . Yes, mom, and it’s ok to take all the compliments you will get on these.

After all the preparation, do not spoil the beauty of the party with a poorly done invitation. There are many 1st birthday invitations out there, but only Bunny Prints has thought about every detail, bringing something unique to the table at such affordable prices. In case you thought this would break the bank for you, now you know you can afford it and make this the cutest 1st baby Birthday invitation you have ever seen.

And, after all of this is done, and you are working that scrapbook, the sigh of relief is what will come when you realize you chose the perfect 1st birthday invitation and you are glad you did. Capture this special moment, let the professionals take care of the job and deliver the unforgettable birthday invitation for your little prince/princess.


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