Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

 Fabulous Baby Shower Theme Ideas

The reality of what was asked of me finally hit me hard when I realized all the effort and detail I had to put into it. All the time away from my family, all those minutes spent trying to come up with games, invitations, refreshments, entertainment! If you are reading this and wondering what in the world I was asked to do, you might have by now guessed I was the active participant in the organization of a Baby Shower!

Yes, new moms need all the help they can get and as a family member or a friend, you are all for helping and throwing that baby shower. We all know how it goes, at first there’s the initial excitement and then you sit down and think of all the details that, in my opinion, is overwhelming! Not only do you have to prepare all the snacks, games, treats, decorations, invitations, thank you cards… you still have to make sure your house is spotless before all those guests arrive. Well, you still haven’t thought that mommy will show up a few minutes early to prep up for such an event.

You were or are probably feeling like I did when I was asked to do my first baby shower. Oh… I remember all the hours that I spent worrying about what I was going to do and all the decisions I had to make. Well, if I had stuck with a theme and gone with that, life would have been much easier. At the time I didn’t know Bunny Prints actually helped you figure out Themes for a Baby Shower and offered most of what you need for it.

Well, now that I am well educated in where to get my Baby Shower necessities, let’s explore and help you with the task you have ahead. When choosing a Theme for a Baby Shower, you want to make sure you know what the baby’s room colors are and what the decorations are. Let’s say, your guest is having a baby boy. You automatically think: BLUE! Now, that is not necessarily true. There are greens, and browns and all sorts of different colors the mom could have chosen. Or they could have even chosen a Disney Character theme for the bedroom.

That being said, do not dismay. Bunny Prints has thought about this in detail so that you wouldn’t have to do all the work. For example: let’s say your colors are green and brown. You can choose then the Safari and Jungle Baby Shower theme and go on from there. Or maybe mom chose Nemo as a theme for the bedroom, you can go ahead and take a look at the Under the Sea collection that not only provides invites but shirts, bibs and more!

If you don’t have a theme, you can always go with Sweet Pea. After all, who doesn’t think that babies are the sweetest thing on earth? The Sweet Pea Baby Shower Theme will allow you to be general but still stick to the color scheme you have chosen.

Wait! Maybe these are all traditional and you want something more edgy. Take a look at the Pregnancy Profile cards. Aren’t they just what you were looking for?

There are so many adorable cards out there, but only Bunny Prints will help you from beginning to end, with a Theme, colors, gifts, cards and much more. I wish that I knew about Bunny Prints when I was in charge of this task. It was a lot of work and it would have been much easier if I had chosen a Baby Shower Theme and looked for items that would help me complete and perfectly wrap up the event.

Don’t let your Baby Shower plummet! Make sure to check out Bunny Prints for the amazing Themes for Baby Showers. And, if you like it, don’t let others suffer as I did: Spread the word….. your peers will love you for it.


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